Making A Way

I dance through Adventure Week to the rhythm of Ruth, and they’ve mingled together beautifully to declare this promise.
There is no dead end that God cannot make a way through.
Before Boaz, there was a more qualified redeemer for Ruth. A chance at hope for her.
But, he said, “no.”
This no, this rejection, this setting aside, the kind that makes you question God’s goodness, was making a way for a far better “yes.”
Boaz, the present picture of a future Jesus, was that the better “yes.”
God knew all along.
He had His Son in mind when He wrote Ruth’s story.
Because it is He who makes a way in our suffering, provides in our pain, and redeems in our rejection.
It is He who made every “no” worth it, by gifting us with the best “yes” in Jesus.
When ruin was all that was before Ruth, God orchestrated every encounter for her to be redeemed by Boaz.
When destruction was all that was promised to us in sin, God prepared the way for us to encounter Jesus, our Redeemer, the very best “yes.”
And when it seems that the only answer our prayers are met with is, “no,” take heart.
God is the God who makes a way for a better “yes.”
And even if our eyes never witness that “yes” in the land of the living, we cling to the hope that our best “yes” is secured for us in eternity.

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