Hello, Old Friend

Welcome, friend.

I’ve been away on business for quite some time, but I am pleased to return to this home of mine.

Come inside. Sit down in that chair by the window, would you? The kettle is on. Tea?

This is exactly how I hope you to feel { at home } when you find yourself here.


For a long time, I simply had words. Often too many of them and usually coming in at speeds my lips could not keep up with. If you listen closely, you can still catch me stuttering like a little girl.  And every now and then, I hear someone calling me by the name of my childhood, “Chatty Cathy.”

The Lord in His kindess, rather than silencing me, gave me a pen.
And with that pen, He gave me stories.
Stories of grace upon grace upon so much grace.

“The free and unmerrited favor of God.”


And so, despite changes and seemingly unfruitful seasons, this online abode continues to house such stories of free and umerrited favor from the Lord.
Sometimes big. Oftentimes small. Always treasured.

This is a place that seeks to capture God’s daily graces like a butterly, only to release it, spreading its color and joy wherever and to whomever it flutters.
I pray it lands right on the tip your nose and kisses the side of your cheek.

With that, I invite you to join me, and all my words, as I walk { still } through the seasons of life to the rhythms of grace.


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